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A major component of np: is its structural blueprint of a process of study. The process is intuitive since NP by its nature is permanently confronted with re-inventing what a viable knowledge-producing university press looks like, how it functions, who it serves. In order to consistently assess new contexts and research outputs, np: itself is thus faced with the need to consistently access new ideas and communicate with new audiences. Without “study,” np: devolves into reproducing the identical press over and over again. Study is the genesis of the "new": thus np: first and foremost follows the forms of study.


np: thematics are generated and assessed through its parent organization, the nonprofit publisher and exhibition space Counterpath. np: also works to host talks and workshops at any location it visits as new presses are generated. Additionally, np: works to incorporate structures of study within new presses themselves. This study may take the form of dedicated publishing syllabi and courses at the member institution or non-traditional press components such as exhibitions, performances, or as-yet-determined collectivities that may emerge.

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